Talking To A Divorce Attorney In Riverside Can Help You Sort Out What To Do

Weddings are wonderful occasions – even (or especially!) when those funny little things go wrong (like the 3 year old flower girl refusing to throw the rose petals as she walks down the aisle). The dark side of this wedding is that the couple happily dancing their first dance as husband and wife may very likely get divorced.

If this is a first marriage, the odds of getting divorced are less, around 40%. However, if this is a second or third marriage, the odds of divorce are greater than 50%: 60% of second marriages end in divorce and a whopping 73% of third marriages fail. Every hour, 100 couples are divorced.

In an ideal world, everyone would live happily ever after. But in the real world, bad things happen. Why do couples break up? Some of the most common reasons are shown below.

  • Abuse, physical, mental or both, is a major factor in many breakups. Typically, one spouse controls and intimidates the other. When the abused spouse finds the courage to sue for divorce, the situation can be explosive. The relationship is probably so damaged that a satisfactory reconciliation is unlikely.
  • Infidelity ends many marriages. A modern variation is an internet romance with no physical contact but a lot of inappropriate chat. Researchers say that the root of some ‘cheating’ is the lack of closeness in the marriage, a breakdown in communication between the couple. While many of these marriages are irretrievably broken, some couples resolve their issues and continue in a better marriage.
  • Everyone has observed one spouse saying demeaning and humiliating things about the other. Onlookers feel uncomfortable, but the spouse doing the insulting seldom seems to notice or care. This spouse seems to believe that he or she is superior to their husband/wife, who could never manage without them.

Of course, each divorcing couple has their own list of reasons for the split. Some of these couples may have tried counseling; many have not. Suggestions are made from time to time that marriage counseling should be mandatory before divorces are granted. Would that save some marriages? Perhaps, but by the time people are searching for a Divorce Attorney in Riverside, the marriage is probably irretrievably broken. Riverside CA Divorce Lawyers understand the process and the ramifications of divorce. Anyone considering divorce can contact them to discuss their options and figure out their next move.